Botanika Design and Style is a company that has evolved organically through the long friendship between its co-owners, Michelle de Villiers and Christi Milosevich. The pair met while they were studying interior design, and their complementary skills and qualifications make for a well-balanced team. Christi is a master of technical drawings, bringing your ideas to life on the page, and infusing them with Botanika’s unique and eclectic vision. Michelle loves texture and textiles, and has worked as an experienced stylist for prestigious monthly interiors publication in South Africa.

What unites the Botanika duo is their enthusiastic creativity, and their love of pushing the boundaries of original interior design. Their aesthetic is inspired by the infinite variety and beauty of nature, and they strive to create interiors as timeless and joyful as nature itself.

At the heart of Botanika’s approach to interior design is you, the client. Christi and Michelle are passionate about creating thoughtful spaces which are tailored to their clients’ desires and lifestyles .They use intuition and imagination to imbue the creative process with their clients’ personalities, creating interiors that are personal, inviting and unique to you.