"Why hire an interior designer you ask?"

Helping you save money and stress less. Starting a new project? Moving homes or doing a renovation? The thought might not only be daunting, but also seem costly. Botanika will help you from the start of this journey, to not only avoid making costly errors but save you money where possible. So often we meet clients halfway through a project with problems that could’ve easily been avoided from the start. Over the years we have established good relationships with suppliers, providing us with the best quality and prices. This means that not only will you have a great on trend home, office or shop, but your stress levels will significantly drop. A winning combination.

Helping you make the correct design and décor choices. As a creative team staying up to date with current trends and styles is just as important as having a good knowledge of the technical side of a project. Having an amazingly finished dining room from floor to ceiling, won’t really be pleasing on the eye, if you can’t fit a store bought table into the space. With careful practical planning and brainstorming we look at each required space in detail as well as problem solving before they actually happen. From what tile colour and finish will work to every last décor item on the shelf.

Helping you save time. From beginning to end, we run your project for you. That is after all the point of hiring an interior designer. Relieving you from extra pressure and stress. Most of our clientele all have extremely demanding careers and work long hours. We handle everything for you. No need to ruin your brand new pair of shoes walking through dirty dusty sites, to meet with builders and suppliers. Our team will be on top of things. Another perk of hiring an interior designer.

Delivering your dream space to you. Whilst having your feet up and relaxing (squeaky clean shoes and all) we will be in the final stages of handing over the project. After all the meetings, brainstorming as well as installations, we have managed to implement your dream space from paper to  VOILA…..  A REALITY!!! We absolutely love communicating design ideas  to clients. Taking it from an initial developmental stage and concept, to watching it grow and morph into an breathtaking end result. If you would like to get a better idea of this - please feel free to visit our portfolio page where we have examples of this.

Lastly but most important. We also deliver a free counselling service ;) Debating over how a space should look with your spouse can be very overwhelming. As designers the Botanika team have managed to help many of our clients come to quick mutual agreements. Should it range  from where the floral wallpaper should be hanged, as to what colour the man cave should be painted... we will diffuse the creative conflict before tiles learn how to fly. Fear not Botanika Design & Style will be there to help!